It all starts here…

It all starts here huh?  Well that’s for this blog.  However “it,” being my career in the modeling and entertainment industry, started quite some time ago (2007).  I had always been a tomboy and  never thought that I would end up a plus model or actress.  Despite what people may think, it is hard work.  I’ve learned that maintaining my size, shape, and beauty is a challenge. Also being plus sized is not always celebrated, because we live in a world that is not as healthy as it should be.  Memorizing lines and learning how to transform into character is definitely a treasure.  Having great support is essential to survival in this industry.
I have come a long way over these last four years and am on the brink of some very new experiences.  I have moved from IL to TN and will be moving on to another place very soon.  Am I scared? No.  Anxious? Yes.  People seem so excited to hear that I am making history.  Did they say history?  That sounds great! ME being a part of history?  Being a part of something that others will remember and tell their people about? That’s even more reason to be anxious, but it also adds excitement.  With God’s guidance I will be ready when the time comes.  Let’s see what happens….

Until next time….Andrea

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